Can I pass the egg to a stranger?
We'd rather you wouldn't but how are we going to know? The reason we'd like to keep this among friends is because we believe there's a greater likelihood the eggs will keep moving if friends are involved.

Is there a time limit on how long I keep the egg?
No, but please don't keep it for too long, take the time to give it to someone special, if you like.

Can I mail the egg to a friend?
Sure. Just make sure you let them know it's coming and they understand the instructions.

I like the egg, can I keep it forever?
Aw, c'mon! What's the fun in that?

Is the egg fragile?
It's not as fragile as a real egg but it can be broken, so treat it with care.

What is the egg made of?
The eggs are made of Sculpey, a clay-like substance which can be baked in a conventional oven to make it solid.

Why an egg?
It is an organic, familiar shape, easily held in the hand or placed in a pocket. It is a symbol of genesis; in this project the egg is a seed from which a social network trace is grown.

What are you doing with this information?
The information you give us will be posted in the results section of this site (with the exception of email addresses). We will also be using the data we've collected for our final project presentation and possibly a research paper. We will not sell or give away the information we gather to any outside parties.

Who are you?
Eggpass was created by Rose Marshack and Richard Valentin, graduate students in the Narrative Media department of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Narrative Media is a fancy name that means "Art and Computers."