karrie karahalios
urbana, il

excited to receive it. sad to give it up :( but gave it to a totally amazing person, so that helps!
2004-12-16 16:24:00

Paris Smaragdis
Cambridge MA

She told me I can have her egg, I got excited, she gave me this ...
2004-12-16 16:41:00

Elias Vyzas
Athens, Greece

2005-01-13 05:33:00

Constantine Nikitiadis
Athens, Greece

A lot of excitement! I will cherish it until I find a special someone who will take care of it! (I will try to give it away in the next 24h… promise!)
2005-01-14 12:51:00

Capitaine Hadj
Athens Greece

In my backpack and off to London This egg s a real traveller or what? Egg no 1 is kicking your butts!
2005-01-18 13:34:00

London, England

I sat on the egg for 2 weeks, but nothing happened. mon capitaine hadj, the olive, beca, trav and i even took it on a tour of the city to cheer it up - but nothing. anyway, I've passed it back to the family of the EggMaker: I'm sure they'll set it right.
2005-02-07 07:16:00

Sara Levy
London, England

Niki rode his bike in the rain all the way to my office near Tower Bridge - what a great guy - and a great idea! One of the senior partners from Ernst & Young took some photos of us with Niki's camera
2005-02-27 09:03:00


2005-02-27 09:04:00

Sascha Levy

Rowie didn't appreciate the egg as much as I did - I was able to play with it with all my toys and it didn't break. I look forward to passing it to my good friend Matthew who is going on a big aeroplane to Australia today!
2005-02-27 09:06:00

Matt Shaw
Sydney, Australia

After an emotional farewell outside London's Houses of Parliament, Sascha's egg went on to kept me company on the 28 hour plane journey back home to Australia. It was an uneventful trip -until I arrived at Sydney airport and quarantine officials requested all fresh produce including 'eggs' be declared and thrown into a trash can. I found this to be a dilemma in my jet-lagged state . . . should I break federal quarantine laws, or did the egg's journey end at Sydney airport? Not one to ever let the team down, the egg was concealed in my carry on luggage and went on to enjoy two weeks of sunshine on Sydney Harbour and Bondi Beach (hence its lovely black tan).
2005-03-25 06:11:00

Larissa Zucatelli
São Paulo - Brazil

One of my best friends came to Brazil on vacations (from London) and gave me this piece of an extraordinary idea. I was pretty amazed by having the chance of becoming part of this game I´m already advertising. It´s extremelly exciting. I can´t stop thinking about who I´m giving the egg.
2005-03-30 15:42:00

Thiago and Ana de Moraes

Got the egg from our lovely friends Jonathan and Matt. Took it to Sao Paulo, our home town, and showed it all the sights. It became specially fond of caipirinhas. This is the egg with Thiago and our friend Geandre in the Filial Bar, our favourite.
2005-05-21 09:35:00

Carolina Couto

I was in Brazil visiting my family and friends! Larry is one of my best friends in this whole wide world and when we met to enjoy a delicious pizza before I left to China she handed me the egg! I have since passed it on to Una in Beijing. She is my Irish friend that was traveling with me around China. It was great making part of this eggnet!
2006-05-22 01:37:11


Alexei S
Urbana, IL

The room was dimly lit. Outside the wind was gathering its forces to resume its relentless siege of Siebel Center. Yet inside not a mouse stirred. It was a quiet eery atmosphere of anticipation. And then... then they were revealed. Twelve of them...all unique, all precious, all in pristine condition. The glow of the room softly bathed their darkened bodies, creating a hint of a shadow under the craftily molded support. Finally the long awaited moment was upon us. With a careful touch of a warm hand they were handed off to their would-be owners. What a catch 22 situation it was. I was in possession of the most precious eggs on earth and yet... The agreement would not let me keep it. Farewell my precious. You shall find many owners and travel great distances. Destiny awaits you.
2004-12-14 03:26:00

Kelly H.
Auburn, AL

This is pretty cool.
2004-12-21 11:19:00

Udayan N.

Hmm...a black egg!
2004-12-24 18:52:00

Shaman Ahuja
Auburn, AL

I got it from Udayan a long time ago but never posted about it here. I hope you succeed in what you are doing.
2005-02-16 21:44:00

Jakob Metzler
Champaign, IL

Sorry for the delay ;) The egg has been passed on.
2005-07-09 00:36:00

Mark K.
Champaign, IL

Handed out during CS598kgk!
2004-12-12 17:00:00


Rick Valentin
Champaign, IL USA North America

I'm going to try to mail my egg to a friend and see what happens
2004-12-08 12:41:00

Andrew Switzky
Austin, Texas

I was stunned! and excited. I laughed out loud.
2004-12-10 19:00:00

Mike Matthews
Austin, Texas

Actually, Andy is from Champaign Ill. Odd, huh? Anyway, he handed the egg to me during a Christmas show put on by the elementary school our children go to. I forgot about the egg until recently when he left a message on my voice mail reminding me about it. Tah dah!
2005-01-09 10:10:00

Rob Jones

HAnded it off at The Green Muse Cafe in Austin, Texas
2005-01-09 12:06:00

Austin, TX, USA

Rob gave me the egg after we went jogging this afternoon.
2005-01-09 20:29:00


Razvan visited me in New York, brought the egg with him, but forgot to give it to me. So he mailed it to me from Texas.
2005-02-14 19:12:00

Juho Savenius

2005-02-17 13:12:00


Rose marshack
Champaign, IL

2004-12-08 12:43:00

urbana, illinois

2004-12-23 02:00:00

Jennifer Ruskey
Princeton University, Princeton NJ

passed along to me in our dorm room. cool project!
2005-01-03 21:06:00

Melissa Ivins
Princeton, NJ

Jenn got the egg from Jane, the three of us are all roommates with another girl, Susie.
2005-01-03 21:16:00

susie scramer
princeton university

there was an egg on my desk. i thought it was real, but it was not. see, we had a party with deviled eggs, so when i was told that there was an egg on my desk, i thought it was a left over deviled egg. but it was not.
2005-01-03 21:58:00

Ian Petrow
Forbes College, rm 315, Princeton NJ

Woo. Susie gave me the egg.
2005-01-04 01:28:00

Kevin Keegan
Princeton, New Jersey

It was so on my desk when I got back from break
2005-01-11 20:06:00

Kaity Kratsios
Princeton, NJ

I stole it.
2005-01-15 23:40:00

Princeton, NJ

the egg is leaving country!
2005-01-15 23:47:00

Jacob Lilly

It was a dark and stormy night. We had journeyed far and the sheep had been baaing. Who knew what fate awaited them? Alas, we were late. Yet, we were not. Upon sneaking through security, he had not yet appeared. The demons of customs still had him. We proceeded to plan B, a full scale attack on the entrenched position. Yet, as if by the magic of the gods, he appeared. A head above the rest, alas the shortness of the resident people. We approached, cringing at the fact that he was holding something in his hand. Lo, we did not know whether he would be friend or foe after the trials and tribulations of CDG. As we crept closer, we saw that it was black, black like a grenade. We contemplated ducking for cover, but we knew it would do no good. Slowly we inched up behind. Standing abreast we waited, waited for the first look, waited to know if it would be fight or flee. His hand slowly reached out, palming the strange object. I extended my five digits with my eyes shut and it dropped into my hand. It felt surprisingly warm, of course this was sweat, but I didn't know that yet. As i opened first one eye and then the other, i was greeted with a black egg, little did I know its purpose, its undying mission, one egg to rule them all, one egg to bind them. I rotated it, noticing the incomplete uniform resource locator. And then, I saw it, a lone digit six. But was that all, was it missing its brethren, to assume the mark of the beast, that dreaded 666? I looked into his eyes. He looked knowingly and slowly his lips curved into a smile. A smile of greeting, not of hate or any other emotion. He was happy. And the egg was safe. To be continued.
2005-01-20 07:39:00


Brian Davis
Champaign, IL

Thank you for the egg. Soon I will give it away... when it's ready to go out into the big world!
2004-12-19 00:15:00


2005-01-19 20:57:00

Kim Belcher
Urbana, IL

She explained the rules and suggested I take it with me to South Bend, IN this week.
2005-01-22 14:02:00

Coy Jones
South Bend, IN; USA

2005-02-20 11:44:00

Shawn Kotoske
Nantes, France

Got the egg out in good ole' Indiana and took it with me to study abroad in France. I see there have been other eggs traveling the world (such as our nemisis Egg #1), however, I feel that the time has come for Egg #7 to make its move. I pass it today to a friend going on an internship.
2005-04-28 10:10:00


Ankur Kalra
Dubai, United Arab Emirates

I took egg number 8 to sunny Dubai in the Middle East to pass off to one of my closest friends (Naila), but narrowly missed her, largely due to family crap. I got it back to Champaign, Illinois (past a very suspicious US Customs officer!) but mailed it to her soon as I could. She was actually in Dubai on vacation, but is back at school now. I'll let her tell you guys where she is these days ;)
2005-01-23 23:58:00

Melbourne, Australia

2005-02-05 18:52:00


Ian Graham
Urbana, IL

They were scary! ...I mean, they gave me the egg all nice-like and asked me to send it off. Now I'm doing this! Whee! It's going overseas...
2004-12-14 03:34:00

EGG 10
Jabari Walker
Columbus, OH

I'm sending this egg to someone very dear to my heart. I sincerely trust that she'll do the right thing with it.
2006-08-07 13:33:55

Ashlyn Smith
Cincinnati, OH

This little egg was incubating for awhile, but is now ready to travel to it's next place in life.
2006-09-04 10:12:10

Alison Bryant
Albany, Oregon

I got this egg in Jan. 2008 from my sister Ashlyn from Ohio.
2008-01-26 00:00:00

EGG 11

matthew yapchaian
champaign, il

egg will leave champaign, il (tues 12.14.04 6:38 pm est) to boston, ma via airplane with a slight pause in chicago...when i arive in boston bj will meet me and i will hand him the egg (most likely with my right hand).
2004-12-08 12:47:00

BJ Bindra
Cambridge, MA

received in eustis doorway along with mat (big smiles). right hand-right hand eggpass exchange following hug. mat tells he can't hear a thing now that he's back in the hood. in 48 hours, we'll be in new york spending some quality time with ace and the pixies. the egg will be in tow.
2004-12-15 02:00:00

Azon Juan
Brooklyn, NY

BJ and Mat came down to Brooklyn for a visit on December 16. BJ said, "Ace, I have something to give to you." I asked, "Is it your tooth?" Mat laughed. BJ said, "No, it's an egg." Then BJ and Mat explained eggpass. Then they tried to guess who I'd give it to, but even I didn't know. Then I carried the egg to work in the edit room, next I packed it in my backpack and took it to Christmas in Chicago, and finally I brought it back to NYC for NYE at MSG with BJ, Sai & Mat. And now I know who I want to pass this egg onto.
2005-01-03 02:35:00

Ursula Liang
Bronx, NY

We've been saying "I have something for you" for the past few weeks. It's holiday time. So when Azon met me at the door to the office building, I gave her a Shiny Black LeSportsac Demi Tasse wrapped in gold paper, feathers in lieu of a bow. She gave me a dull black egg with my lucky number on it. Told me not to drop it because it's breakable (although she dropped it once and it survived). So I wrapped the egg in the gold paper and she tucked the feathers into her new purse. We hugged goodbye.
2005-01-06 13:06:00

Michael Ko
Seattle, WA

My dad died Dec. 20, 2004, and for weeks, everything that showed up in my mailbox had the word sorry or sympathy or condolences in it. Egg 11 arrived Jan. 18 in a cardboard box, incubated by nice gold paper and two layers of bubble wrap. It was cool to get something else for a change.
2005-01-20 16:03:00

David Ko
Seattle, WA

he told me not to drop it . . . which i immediately did (by accident) btw, in the picture, i balance out the beautiful girl on the left w/ my mediocre looks.
2005-02-10 03:21:00

Seattle, WA

2005-02-10 18:27:00

Seattle, WA

No fair. I don't give personal information freely but eggs are my favorite food, especially the thousand-year-old ones at the dimsum shops. So I almost ate mine. Luckily the bf sent me this cryptic egg via IM from his worm infested laptop so it wasn't very tasty. my techie bf.
2005-02-10 18:34:00

Daniel Choi
Cambridge, MA

I sat on the egg a long time with no good excuse. I'm so lazy! I hope eggass will forgive me. I send this egg on to Europe.
2005-05-19 09:31:00

Rotterdam, Netherlands

2005-08-17 05:05:00


2005-09-05 05:12:00

Mannheim, Germany

2005-10-29 16:38:00

Frankfurt am Main/ Germany

2005-11-06 13:28:00

Wanne-Eickel (Germany)

Egg Location:7°9'47" / 51°30'58"
2005-11-22 15:29:00

Köln/ Deutschland (Cologne/ Germany)

2005-12-18 06:46:00

Markus Lewalski

2006-03-14 02:41:40

EGG 12

Kevin Hamilton

I was the honored first recipient of egg # 12, laid all warm and quivering into my waiting hands. After missing several ripe occasions for an interesting pass, I finally thought of a good person to pass it off to, which I will do today, Monday, Dec 20.
2004-12-20 15:54:00

Roy Ewing

2004-12-20 16:22:00

Geoff Merritt
Urbana, IL

I wanted to get this egg out of Urbana, IL so I flew to San Diego to give it to my brother but forgot to bring the egg along. So, instead I am sending it to him with some DVDs.
2005-01-22 13:42:00

Chris Merritt
San Diego, CA

Hi ... I’m in CA now (thanku thanku thanku), having left the cold harsh tundra of the middle west with a post-NYE hangover still goin’ strong … but it seems to be raining a lot (what is it with this place?! ... fires, rains, floods, mudslides, earthquakes ... yikes!). Saw a lot of the area, albeit from a little peephole in my local caretaker’s computer bag (which he seems to take *everywhere*) ... San Diego = *great* place (too bad about the city politics); the greater LA smog basin = beautiful when the Santa Ana’s are blowing; Phoenix = not bad during the winter; and too many others to mention. As my tour of duty here was ending, I heard rumors of moving to Japan (Watashi wa henna gaijin desu ... bahahahahaha) but whilst up in LA to watch the UCI World Track Cycling Championships at the gorgeous new ADT Home Depot Center, we ran into the father of Kate Bates (who got 3rd in the points race, 2nd in the individual pursuit, and 2nd in the scratch race!!!) who is from Sydney ... SCORE!! So, now I’m gonna be wingin’ it on Down Under ... stay tuned for further adventures ... I’m hoping to get to Belgium in time for the Ronde van Vlaanderen, then Spain for the Gran Premio Castilla y Leon, and maybe even Montreal in May. Wow ... what a lucky egg am I. BTW, you can see some pictures of my adventures at eggpass.asp
2005-03-28 06:16:00